About the Authors

Cindy Joseph: 

I'm curious, I guess, more than anything!  If I don't know something, I'll look it up or ask questions.  I suppose there are many people who are curious.  Perhaps you.  :)  One difference may be that in addition to curiosity, I share what I've learned.  This happened early in life.  If I figured out the answer to a question for homework, I was quick to share.  Friends would visit my dorm in college and get the 411 on whatever I was studying.  (whether they wanted it or not!)  

I put these characteristics to my advantage and became a teacher.  With 18 years of experience under my belt, I've left the grading of papers behind for the administration of programs.  But the teacher in me still wants to share.  My classroom has expanded and there are no tests for you to take or for me to grade.  

So drop in now and again.  Be curious!  And if you wouldn't mind, share what you learned and where you learned it!

Zac Segawa (Marketing Specialist):

Coming from a background in business, my interest in science and technology is purely self-cultivated. Each day the world is sprung forward by great leaps in science -so much so that the press that can hardly keep with up with them-, but within this dynamic blog, I, along with Cindy and the rest of the team, will work our hardest to ensure that you are on the forefront of scientific discovery. 

Another goal that is very personal to me is persuading students of all backgrounds to explore their curiosity, be it in science, business or anything else. We will showcase scholarship opportunities, materials for education, current science articles and much more to open pathways you might have never thought available. 

With that, thanks for reading along, and I hope to keep you entertainingly informed for a very long time to come!

Jacob Steenwyk (Blogger):

As a biochemistry and molecular biology undergraduate at Clark University in Worcester, MA, I have been interested in STEM since attending university. I was first a frequent reader of the Sci-Curious blog and am now happy to be a writer. This blog offers a wide array of articles discussing the newest scientific discoveries. As a team, we aim to inspire curiosity in our readers, promote sharing of information and encourage readers to teach others what they learn here.

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